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He has published numerous articles in The Accounting Review; Journal of Accounting Research; Accounting, Organizations, and Society; and other accounting journals. He has held a variety of offices including vice president, in the American Accounting Association, and he is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the editorial boards of The Accounting Review and Accounting, Organizations, and Society.

Get more opportunities to close student knowledge gaps by tailoring your lecture to your class needs. One-stop access for tools and resources for ALEKS, Connect & SIMnet.

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. , has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. Your information will be used to provide you with the requested information and other information about McGraw Hill’s products and services. You may opt out at any time by contacting McGraw Hill’s local privacy officer or selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from us.

Included in the suite is adjusting entries™, the world’s first ever adaptive e-book, which revolutionizes college reading by focusing students’ attention on the content that is most critical to their learning. • LearnSmart Achieve – a comprehensive adaptive learning system that pinpoints students’ areas of weakness and supplies students with targeted content, including videos, interactive activities and additional readings. LearnSmart Achieve gives students on-the-spot tutoring at times when they may not have access to their professors and also provides a time management feature that guides students through the content and resources at a pace that is best for them. The LearnSmart Advantage suite enables institutions to adopt adaptive learning as an institution-wide practice, creating a cycle of student performance improvement across disciplines and classes.

Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 allows seamless fulfillment of books across devices. When a user fulfills a book on one device, the book will be automatically downloaded via AirSync to all the other devices that belong to that user .

Customizable Devices

Our support team is always one phone call away for a fast, accessible transaction. Students receive immediate feedback on both correct and incorrect answers throughout the assignment. You can deselect any sections you do not want included in the assignment. SmartBook 2.0 now offers more granular content level selection for even greater alignment to the course syllabus. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Sharp Electronics, introduced their PC-Z1 “Netwalker” device in August 2009 with a promised ship date of October 2009.


When you buy your textbook an MHConnect Access code may be bundled with it. However, you do not need the account to get started since you can start a 2 week free access period. We understand that each course and instructor is different, so although we are happy to offer evidence from your peers, our primary focus is enabling instructors and students with tools to measure and track results for their own course. We have shared some examples of these tools in our demonstration, but to understand the full capabilities we invite you to explore SmartBook 2.0 on your own or ask for a demo from your local representative. If you are interested in learning about how your peers use Connect with SmartBook 2.0 and the results they have experienced, you may be interested in our efficacy research and case studies.

Our research indicates that assigning SmartBook 2.0 will help students be accountable for learning the material and come to class prepared and ready to succeed. Even if you set an assignment for a 0-point score, this is a great opportunity to reinforce how critical reading is for your students. SmartBook 2.0 is an assignment type where students are required to engage with reading material and answer questions. Instructors must create assignments for students to use SmartBook 2.0. Many instructors describe a situation where students are coming to class unprepared.They find that students who don’t do the reading, or who don’t gain a critical understanding of the content from reading, are unable to fully engage in the class. This creates a situation where the instructor has to take valuable class time reviewing prerequisite content or teaching the basics.

McGraw-Hill Education also plans to offer the products in the LearnSmart Advantage suite available to students or their parents to purchase directly. The company entered the consumer market for adaptive technology in the summer of 2012 when it made LearnSmart for sale directly to students and parents. By allowing students to focus their outside-of-class study time on the topics and concepts that are most challenging to them, adaptive learning has been shown to help students study more efficiently, develop greater proficiency and earn better grades. Like, I feel like this app and its companion Learnsmart have the potential to be good. I like that it gives you practice questions and lets you know what you need to study more.

Taking it a step further, the SmartBook™ includes the option of having a built in 4G LTE Hotspot, powered by T-Mobile. The CIPA cloud management provides best-in-class CIPA filtering, providing your students with the technology they need in a form factor they prefer.

How Smartbook 2 0 Adaptive Questions Work

Pat has published articles in The Accounting Review, Issues in Accounting Education, and The Michigan CPA and is also faculty advisor to Beta Alpha Psi and the Ithaca College Accounting Association. Robert Libby is the David A. Thomas Professor of Accounting and Accounting Area Coordinator at Cornell University, where he teaches the introductory financial accounting course. He previously taught at the University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan.


Whether you’re looking for a Connect® demo, your rep, or have some questions – this is the smartbook form for you. Complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

It has eased pressure on staff not to have to confirm appointments and has driven overdue patients back into the practice. Increase frequency of return visits and purchases of premium products with tailored educational messaging. Deliver a personalized experience to every patient through custom email, text, and voice communications. SmartBook is a powerful 3-in-1 tool that makes it easy for eyecare professionals to provide better service. SmartBook seamlessly targets patients, provides effortless booking, and engages patients throughout their journey with recall messaging and more. Your practice must be registered in order to gain access to the EssilorPro® Portal. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

Use Your Digital Smartbook On A Kindle Fire! (using Bluefire Reader)

Reporting is delivered in the cloud eliminating the need to buy or manage large reporting databases which are costly. Empower your students with anytime connectivity wherever there is Wi-Fi. All SmartBook assignments will be found in the corresponding chapter folder in the Assignments area of Blackboard. Read the text in your hard copy of the textbook or online in Smartbook.

McGraw-Hill Education will be posting live tweets from the conference through its Twitter feeds (@MHEducation, @MHhighered). Additionally, Stephen Laster, McGraw-Hill Education’s chief digital officer, will participate in the HigherEdTECH Summit at CES, a conference designed to bring together industry leaders to discuss how technology can positively impact higher education. If students continue to struggle with a concept, they are more likely to encounter repeating questions. This is how SmartBook 2.0 limits guessing and short-term, rote memorization. Many of the Windows devices, such as HP’s Slate, run full versions of Windows 7.

You will be able to redirect the YouTube home page to your official YouTube home page, eliminating an unpredictable assortment of content and comments that may be inappropriate for the classroom environment. Additionally, you can enable a YouTube video that is typically blocked for limited periods of time, for a select user group. Detailed Student-Based Logs and Reporting provides critical information regarding high risk student activities with real-time alerts along with drill-down reports that include usernames and group detail.

We can include labels, asset tags, or you can request to etch the name of the school or user on the laptops. You can allow users to enroll devices or enroll them yourself using the Enrollment Permissions policy provided by Google. If you encounter problems while registering the device, you may need to wipe and re-enroll the device. You can use the Chromebook Recovery Utility to update your devices with the latest version of Chrome.

Protect your students and your devices with CIPA Compliant Secure Connections Including Malware Protection. The most comprehensive controls for cloud applications and websites including industry leading malware protection to keep students and the school network safe. Fueled by LearnSmart the most widely used and intelligent adaptive learning technology Certified Public Accountant identifies what you know and don t know, and highlights what you need to learn. SmartBook helps you study smarter, not harder, and get the grades you want.” In today’s world, the popularity of technology and the internet is evident. Digital education is one example of technology advantage offered to many students through online educational strategies.

  • The device came with a Linux operating system and the company offered to license their hardware designs.
  • Students can also use LearnSmart Prep in the early weeks of a course to ensure that they are prepared for concepts and assignments that will come later in the course.
  • Even if you set an assignment for a 0-point score, this is a great opportunity to reinforce how critical reading is for your students.
  • They may be useful in certain professional settings, such as for nurses or teachers who need to input data quickly while moving around.
  • Additionally, every two seconds a lady pops up to remind you to practice (which would be fine if it weren’t so frequent), but then the practice button is no where to be found.

Alternatively, students also have the option to immediately start answering questions. McGraw-Hill Higher Education will be demonstrating the LearnSmart Advantage suite at Pepcom’s “Digital Experience!” event on Jan. 7.

Next, Countdown timer are displayed with discount products on your store. With Blog module, you can promote the bestseller books, a new release, author advertising or hot sale off. Moreover, Smartbook theme also provides the feature of ‘Testimonials’ by which customer can share their feedbacks or stories associated with your library or publishing house. Social media follow buttons in the footer permitted customer like and share your product, which are linked directly to your profile on this social networks. Finally, banners are large images with easily readable text on the page to attract users immediately.

Spiral Books

The Samsung Chromebooks offer clarity and high-resolution displays that make reading texts on a laptop much convenient without enlarging the web pages. Asus Chromebooks are known for their thin and light attributes that most students prefer. Its aesthetic is also popular among students because they are sleek and minimalist. Allows schools to allow any specific YouTube video while enforcing safe search.

The device came with a Linux operating system and the company offered to license their hardware designs. In many countries the word Smartbook was a trademark registered by Smartbook AG. In August 2009 a German court ruled Qualcomm must block access from Germany to all its webpages containing the word Smartbook unless Smartbook AG is mentioned. Smartbook AG defended its trademark.A February 2010 ruling prevented Lenovo from using the term. The advent of much more popular tablets like Android tablets and the iPad, coupled with the prevailing popularity of conventional desktop computers and laptops have displaced the smartbook. SmartBook has been a tremendous addition and asset to our practice.

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